October 27-29

Inspired by the 2011 Malawai protests against the government which resulted in 20 deaths and nearly 100 injuries, Mbene Mwambene's Story of a Tiger is an adaptation of Dario Fo's 1978 dramatic monologue. It was originally commissioned by Dr. Christoph Nix of Theatre Konstanz (Germany).

The story begins with a demonstration in Malawi: people rallying against corruption, police brutality, and nepotism. The demonstration turns into a revolt, and one of the demonstrators gets shot in the leg. Fleeing into a nearby cave, he meets a tigress and a cub. What appears to at first be a threat turns out to be an encounter with affection and a newfound source of strength. Recovered from his injuries, the demonstrator returns to the city with new courage and determination to fight against the oppressors of his homeland with all of the forces available to him, together with his new allies.

In this international adaptation of Story of a Tiger intended for a global audience, Mwambene presents a tour-de-force solo performance relying heavily on pantomime and physical theater. This engagement at Theater Xcai (Tokyo) is the Japanese premiere of this performance, and is being produced by Declan Somers & Brendan McCall.

This performance of Story of a Tiger premiered in 2011, and has been presented at Mwezi Wawala International Arts Festival (Malawi), the Malawi Cultural Arts Festival, and the Blantyre Arts Festival (Switzerland). In co-operation with the English Theatre Berlin, Story of a Tiger received 10 different presentations throughout Germany in 2012.

Story of a Tiger is performed in English.

Story of a Tiger (Japanese premiere)
adapted & performed by Mbene Mwambene
after a dramatic monologue by Dario Fo
directed by Thokozani Kapiri and Mbene Mwambene
presented by Nanzikambe Arts (Malawi)
produced by Declan Somers and Brendan McCall
Friday 27 October 2017 - at 19.00
Saturday-Sunday, 28-29 Ocober - at 14.00
at Theater Xcai (Tokyo, Japan)
Reservations: 03-5624-1181 / info@theaterx.jp