Upcoming Events

Brendan McCall

Story of a Tiger

October 27-29 Inspired by the 2011 Malawai protests against the government which resulted in 20 deaths and nearly 100 injuries, Mbene Mwambene’s Story of a Tiger is an adaptation of Dario Fo’s 1978 dramatic monologue. It was originally commissioned by Dr. Christoph Nix of Theatre Konstanz (Germany). The story begins...

Movement Episodes

November 2-3 New York City-based choreographer Keith Thompson, the artistic director of danceTactics performance group, will be presenting a new choreography at Dock 11 in Berlin, as part of LaborGras’ event Movement Episodes.

As You Like It

The weekend of November 4-5, Brendan will be conducting auditions for As You Like It in Albuquerque, NM.  He is directing this production next spring 2018 as part of Shakespeare On the Plaza, presented by the Vortex Theatre.  To find out more and to sign up, visit the auditions page.